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Discovering the law
through charming

guided tours


Who are the "Sentinels of Legality"

The Legality Tourist Sentinel project, promoted by the Coop. Soc. "Queen of Peace", aims to strengthen the culture of legality in young adolescents, enhancing the territory and the significant places of the anti-mafia, telling the stories of men and women who have fought to defeat organized crime.

The Sentinels have the role of Mapping the places and characters involved in the fight against mafia organizations in Puglia, of Building  3 anti-mafia tourist itineraries developing skills related to territorial marketing and to experiment with these itineraries with the first local tourists, schools and the local community.

The 3 anti-mafia tourist itineraries produced can be booked on a dedicated website, also in English.


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Our paths of legality

Experiences not to be forgotten!

There are three paths developed during the project "Sentinels of legality". 

All the itineraries have legality and stories of courage and a spirit of justice as their common thread

of Men or Women who  they fought to give us the chanceto enjoy a world

in which beauty and legality are a value and a common good.


Renata's footsteps

Route 1

The itinerary begins in the Council Chamber, dedicated to Renata, inAcquaviva-Personè Castle and ends in the place where the woman found her death.

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Courage, march!

Route 2

The route begins at the Emanuela Loi roundabout, in via Cantù in Santa Caterina, marina di Nardò and then ends at the Porto Selvaggio Park to discover the figure ofRenata Source.

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Streets of legality

Route 3

The route winds through viaFalcon and goPurse, recounting the life and actions of the two Palermo magistrates, up to the murals dedicated to them at the municipal offices.

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The blog
of legality

In this section you will find, in addition  to important information, useful links and articles related to the world of legality, the days relating to meetingswhich saw groups of boys aged 11 to 17 participate which they have made possible, through their commitment the realization of this project.

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